Micaela Morettini



Phone: +39 071 2204895

Fax: +390071 2204224

Skype: micaela.morettini

E-mail: m.morettini@univpm.it

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Current positions

- COO, Vicepresident

- B.M.E.D. «Special Projects» Technical Manager


Research interests

Her research interests include modeling of glucose-insulin regulation system with particular interest on incretin effect and the blood glucose prediction in diabetic patients.


Previous work experiences

- Activities at Electrolux Italia Spa, Forlì Plant (FC). Biomedical Engineer in the Prevention and Protection Service



- PhD in Bioengineering, Polytechnic University of Marche, 2012

- Italian Professional Abilitation to Engineering Practice, University of Bologna, 2009

- Partecipation at the European Summer School "Parameter estimation in physiological model", Lipari, 2009

- Master's degree cum Laude in Biomedical Engineering (LS 26/S), University of Bologna, II Engineering Faculty of Cesena, 2009



She is author of 4 publications on international journals, 1 conference proceeding.