About us


B.M.E.D. is a company operating in the field of biomedical Research and Development.


Founded in 2012 as an accademic spin-off by 5 engineers with years of experience in the field of biomedical scientidìfic research and software design, B.M.E.D. designs, develops and commercialises dedicated software applications for the quantitative and statistical analysis of biological signals and data currently used only in research.


B.M.E.D. applications can be used both as stand-alone application and as a part of larger hardware/software system, possibly made by other biomedical companies.



Management team



    - Laura Burattini, PhD, Assistant Professor,CEO, President, Scientific consultant «ECG division»; Scientific consultant «special projects division»;


    - Micaela Morettini, PhD, COO, Vicepresident, Administrative area manager, Technical area manager «ECG division»;


    - Sandro Fioretti, Associate Professor, Scientific consultant «EMG divion and Movement Analysis»;


    - Elvira Maranesi, PhD, Commercial area manager, Technical area manager «EMG division and Movement Analysis»;


    - Angela Agostinelli, PhD Student, Technical area manager «Fetal division»;


    - Alessandra Biagini, MD, PhD Student, Clinical Manager;


    - Alessandra Micozzi, PhD, MBA, Budgeting and Control.